Mentoring Mothers Through the Art of Intentional Parenting

Ready to LOve motherhood and go after your dreams?

You deserve to thrive in Motherhood, not just survive it! let me help you create a life that makes you excited to wake-up everyday and live a better story.


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The Streamlined Motherhood Podcast

Weekly episodes full of encouragement and short enough that you can actually finish an episode before naptime ends. Stick me in your earbuds when you’re in the carpool line or wishing someone else would take over dinner duty; I’ve got you. Get the tips, tricks, and support you need to love being a mama AND feel like yourself again.


oh friend,

I know you want to feel happy, but there are a way too many days where you’re counting down the minutes to bedtime. It’s like Groundhog’s Day on repeat, and the never-ending clean-ups, tantrums, and sheer monotony are making it so dang hard! Wouldn’t it be amazing to simply feel like yourself again, to feel excited about motherhood, and to have the space and time to go after your own dreams?

Motherhood’s not easy, but don’t give up. You need the tools to create a home and life that feels peaceful, empowering and free, and ya know what? I’ve got your back.


Hey, I’m Kate,

I’m a mama to three kiddos, and believe me, I’ve felt completely flat-lined by motherhood more often than not. 7 years ago I became a mom and fumbled my way through everyday. I craved better for myself and my kids. I made a massive change by prioritizing myself (seriously!), and I’m here to help you do the same.

End result? Your motherhood game will be so spot on that everyone in the family feels seen and full of life, including you. No more exhaustion and boredom and just getting by instead of living YOUR best life. I’m here to guide you back to your intuition, to help you dig out from chaos, and start to feel confident in the mama you are. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: you CAN have it all.

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