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Hey, I’m Kate, and this is my wild crew. Many years ago, when I was a young lass, I imagined I would build a high-powered and successful career in a big city. I never really thought about marriage and definitely not about raising a family. When I first became a mom, I thought I had to choose between being the type of mom I admired and the type of woman I hoped to be. I didn’t think I could have it all.

I was so wrong.

Truth is, you CAN have it all and enjoy the hell out of motherhood and your life. I’m here to help you find your passion and joy in motherhood while also hanging onto what makes you YOU.

You’ve got this one shot at motherhood and your life. No pressure, right? It shouldn’t feel hard because you already have all the tools inside of you that you need to rock this journey. Consider me your sidekick. I’m here to help you love your life, find your passions as a mama AND an individual (because YOU did not disappear the day your first kiddo was born), and thrive in the story you were meant to live. We all deserve to live our days with our souls singing with joy and our hearts full. So let’s get on with it already.

Welcome to your Streamlined Motherhood!

My story

In 2011, I had my first daughter. I was so completely blown away with how magical this tiny human was and how audacious it was that I was carrying 50% of the responsibility of raising a little human on my shoulders. Six weeks after she was born we moved cross-country for my husband, Kirk’s first “real” job after grad school.

We settled in an adorable 1965 two-story cape cod in a historic neighborhood in South Bend, IN, and we felt like we had finally “made it” as adults. We had the baby, the house, the legit job. Everything had fallen into place.

Except it hadn’t.

Our basement was full to the brim with boxes that I honestly couldn’t even remember what they contained, I tried a multi-level “sales” business and hated it, and I was really struggling to spend every day at home with a newborn. I had no friends in our new city and although I tried to make friends, it just wasn’t clicking. I wanted more out of my life, but had no idea how to balance motherhood and my desire for more.

Over the next few years, we moved a few more times, discovered minimalism, downsized our belongings and bought our first house in Oklahoma City. We even added a second daughter, and I had begun teaching humanities for a local university. We had friends, I was working and feeling more fulfilled, and this time, we really felt like we had everything we needed.

Except I had this nagging fear that our life was going on auto-pilot.

I saw a video about a family that traveled full-time in an Airstream (watch it HERE), visiting National Parks and exploring from coast to coast. It was all I could do to not think about it constantly. Maybe it was escapism? Either was an idea I couldn’t quit.

We decided to sell 90% of our belongings, load the rest in a 6x12 U-Haul and move up to northern Indiana to a little 675 square foot house by Lake Michigan.

We loved the simplified lifestyle, homeschooling our oldest, and living in a walkable beach town. But, you know what? I still hadn’t forgotten my dream of full-time RV travel.

In March 2018, we sold it all AGAIN and hit the road full-time with our now family of 5.


We knew we had made the right choice when all of the stress and responsibility rolled off our shoulders and all we had were one another and the open, endless road.

We splashed in waterfalls, drove Hwy. 1 in Cali, studied petroglyphs, ate in Route 66 diners, swam in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, got lost too many times to count, and drove over 8k miles in less than a year.

Over the last three years, I co-founded the Cohesive Home Podcast, a community for families living simply and by their values and also launched my solo podcast, Streamlined Motherhood, as well as began working 1 to 1 with mamas with a desire to create their dream life while also being intentional in their parenting.

One last thing…

I promise you, anything is possible, even with a family in tow. If you can dream it, you can make it happen. We all face obstacles in life and hardship. How will you find the gold in YOUR story and create the life you’ve always envisioned for your family?

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More about Kate Saffle

Kate is a Simplicity Parenting Family Life Coach and the co-founder of the highly rated Cohesive Home Podcast, which tackles such topics as family adventures, minimalism, intentional parenting, and simple home design. She writes about her family’s travel adventures and minimalist life for various publications and works with moms 1 on 1 to create their own adventurous and passion-driven lives.

Kate is available for speaking at small groups, conferences, and seminars and can also offer custom Simplicity Parenting group classes. Please reach out for more information and pricing.

Email for collaborations, podcast sponsorships, speaking engagements, features, and more.

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