Plan Your Life in 30 Minutes: a Quick Guide to Intentional Family Living

Do you feel like you’re at a dead end with your family’s life direction and unsure of what to do next? Maybe you’ve been on a certain path and realized that’s it’s just not working anymore.

Although you can’t change your direction quickly, you can make a game plan in 30 minutes. Say what!? Yes, answering a few clarifying questions will set you on our new path. Ready to dig in?

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3 Life-Changing Questions

What do I want my life legacy to be? | Spend 10 minutes thinking about the end of your life. Morbid, yes, but it’s absolutely crucial. You will never reach your destination if you don’t know where you’re going. Keeping the end in mind helps you figure out how to live your life.

Do you want to be remembered for the way you brought people together? Maybe you need to start inviting people into your home more often and create a welcoming sanctuary for others.

Do you want to reach the end of your life knowing you tried every experience? Make a list of those adventures that would make your life richer and more meaningful and start checking them off.

You can answer this question solo, but I love thinking about it as a family. How can you do life together in an intentional and beautiful way? Answering that question will give you direction.

What do we value? | Your values are like road signs on your map, they help guide you to the destination. If you’re living by someone else’s values, you’ve got the wrong map in your hands. What’s important to you? Values are not goals, they should instead express how you want to live your days rather than what you hope to accomplish.

Some possible values might be: family, travel, faith/spirituality, community service, adventure, togetherness, and simplicity, to name a few.

Take 10 minutes to journal about your values individually and as a family. See if you can get your list to a core 5-10 values that will help guide your life.

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What’s not working? | For the final 10 minutes, reflect on the past several years. What has worked well for your family and what hasn’t? Are there any commitments, jobs, activities, or living situations that are no longer a good fit?

It’s so tempting to try and convince ourselves to make something work that we’ve already grown out of. Change is hard, isn’t it? But if you know in your heart that something isn’t working, it’s time to let it go.

Your life plan

You did it! Now that you completed those three questions, scan your answers and talk as a family to figure out what matters most. Trust your intuition and start the conversation to move in a new direction, if need be.

Life is flying by quickly, so don’t stay on auto-pilot. Get clear on your values, visualize your life’s end goals, and make a plan.

For more intentional living inspiration, listen to my podcast, Streamlined Motherhood.

Tell me: do you feel more confident now in your life’s direction?

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