Are You Holding Yourself Back? 3 Lies Mamas Tell Themselves About Being Fulfilled in Motherhood


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As I work one on one with more moms, I’m finding a common thread running through our conversations: the desire to feel more fulfilled in motherhood and their own passions. It’s almost like when we become mamas, we feel this pull to take our dreams, interests, and creative work, pop them into a shoebox, and shove them back into the proverbial closet.

My guess though, if you’re reading this, is that you want more from life. You love being a mama, but you need time just for you. Motherhood isn’t the problem, the problem is that you forgot how to be someone who is excited about their life. I can help you find that excitement and joy again, but first you have to figure out what’s holding you back.

Let’s talk about 3 major ways you may be unintentionally holding yourself back from finding that excitement again. Work through these steps and you are right on track to reclaim your happiness, find balance in motherhood, and leap into a life that fills you with joy. Easy, right? Let’s jump in!

  1. I don’t have time for interests of my own, motherhood is all-consuming

Motherhood IS time-consuming, there is no doubt about it. There are the diapers to change, the school pick-ups, the errands, the meals made over and over again, rinse and repeat daily. I hear you. But if you let those daily motherhood tasks consume your life, they will.

Whatever we believe is true becomes our reality

Here’s how you make time for what matters most to you. First, change your reality and tell yourself daily that you do have time for activities and work that you are passionate about. Whether that’s knitting or starting a business, I promise you that you can find some time to make it happen. I have seen mothers with all different limitations, situations, and barriers create amazing outcomes in their lives. You can too! Changing your mindset is the first step.

Secondly, get a planner (whether that’s paper, like my current fav here or digital) and get a clear grasp of how you organize your days. Look for areas where you waste time, such as scrolling on social media or watching TV, and make a careful note of them. What you want to do is find pockets of time to work on your projects, even if it’s just 15 minutes here or there. Once you have that window, schedule your project in it. Over time you can widen this time window to make more.

I’ve found that working in the evenings after bedtime, in the mornings before my kiddos wake-up, and during naptime to be some of my most productive work time. And as someone with a full-time online teaching job and a business, I can definitely say that those little 15 minute windows add up to some killer productivity.

2. I don’t have any special talents, interests, or desire to do or be more

Listen, I’m not buying this. I have met and worked with so many women who believe this lie about themselves. You, my friend, are pretty darn special. And I’m guessing that you have some fun interests tucked away in your heart that have been laying dormant since you began your motherhood journey. These interests, dreams, and passions matter.

Your dreams matter

If you’re struggling to find something that gets your creative juices flowing, do me this favor. Think of your FAVORITE pastime as a child. What did you dream about or spend the most time doing? What did you love reading about in books or hearing about at school?

Sometimes we lose touch with our own intuition on what makes us tick. If you feel like you have zero idea what you want to pursue, it’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up about it, but just find something to learn more about. Follow your interests, check out intriguing library books, ask questions of new people you meet, and become a student of life. Eventually your path will become crystal clear, and since you already made time and space for it (see #1), you’ll be totally ready to rock’n’roll.

3. I’m afraid to try something new because I might fail

Oh mama, this is the story of my life! I’m consistently afraid of most new activities and ventures. I want to believe that I am brave, but the reality is that I can talk myself out of just about anything. And yet, I still push forward into unknown territory with my work and creative interests.

How? I believe that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to, and I believe the same about you. Courage is the ability to act in the face of fear, and it’s a skill to cultivate just like any other habit you hope to build.

Share your gifts with the world

You may very well fail, but until you give it a try, you will never know. But to miss out on the possibilities out of fear? Well that’s a life half-lived. You have so much to share and give this world, please don’t hide it!

If you’re looking to grow, figure out what makes you tick, and create a life that fills you with joy, let me help.

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