Thrive in Motherhood Coaching

Do you ever wonder…

mother holding daughter.png

If there is more to life than changing diapers, washing dishes, and cleaning up messes on repeat?

What would happen if you actually acted on your dream instead of pretending like it doesn’t matter?

Why it’s so hard to find another mama who gets you and supports you with zero judgement?

What would IT be like to…

Wake up everyday, confident in your mothering skills and knowing you’ve GOT THIS.

Feel so much courage deep in your bones that your dream is no longer a dream, but your REALITY.

Be fully supported, seen, and LOVED for who you are as a person and not just a mom.


If you landed on this page, I bet I know why you’re here…

You’re living that mom life with everything you thought you wanted. You’ve got the baby (or the children), the home, the life you dreamed about.

Once upon a time, you had hobbies and passions. You laughed so much more, woke up excited to approach the day, and had dreams so much bigger than a white picket fence life.

It’s not that you’re ungrateful for what you have, but somehow you thought there was more to life than the monotony of day after day of caring for little people and wondering when it’s your turn to step into a beautifully bold adventure of your own.

You often ask yourself: can I truly have it all? Shouldn’t I be content with just enough? The truth is, it’s time to take ownership of your life. It’s time to feel excited about motherhood because you also took the time to fill your own cup.

It’s time to dust off that dream of yours or figure out what gets you excited and unable to sleep at night; that’s what you seek with ALL of your heart. Those moms you think know some secret to creating a life they love AND being able to do it all while raising a family?

The secret is that you are capable of having it all and loving the hell outta your life. Yes, you!

Let’s get you back on track and in charge of your life again because you’ve only got this one life. Let’s make it count, together.


You don’t have to go at motherhood alone


What could you do with a free 30 minute session?

  • Be heard without judgement from a fellow mama who gets it.

  • Brainstorm a new strategy, approach or mindset to that issue keeping you up at night.

  • Say the dream out loud that never gets to be heard above the noise of parenting...and receive a little dose of inspiration, permission, and confidence to take steps towards it.

  • Explore the benefits of having an ongoing motherhood mentor who supports and encourages you.

  • Turn negative thoughts and dwelling in the past into a positive, forward-moving LIFE PLAN.

Are you ready to put yourself first?



One conversation.  That's all it took.  I met Kate through Instagram when I was exploring the idea of full-time travel as a single mom of triplets.  While that idea didn't end up being a good fit for our family, I was really feeling lost about where we WERE headed.  I wasn't making enough money to feel comfortable, was working all the time, and felt overwhelmed with my life.  Kate offered to have a phone conversation with me, which ultimately turned my life upside-down.  At the time, I really thought I was doing what was best for my kids, even though life wasn't working for ME.  Kate very sweetly, but firmly said "Your kids deserve a happy mother."  That one line woke me up.  I agreed and immediately started making plans.  In five short months, I've moved from a city that wore me out, to a city I absolutely adore.  I've gone from having no money in the bank and barely making ends meet, to having savings, enough money to live on and plenty left over to realize my dreams of traveling with my family.  I've gone from having almost no adult interaction to having all the friends I need.  Having that one conversation with Kate made such a difference because she was empathetic to my situation.  I felt like she was really hearing me, both the reality of my situation and the cry of my heart.  Then, she took all that I said and was able to help me turn it into practical steps I could take to change my life.   I now joke "be careful what you wish for!" because my life is so full.  Good full.  My kids deserve a happy mother.  They've got one now and as a result, the whole family is thriving too!  Thank you, Kate!

— Lael, Michigan

Kate is amazing. She really helped me narrow down my business goals and gave me the encouragement I needed. I’m a full time mom and was in a place where I wasn’t sure where to start. Kate helped with all of that! Our coaching calls left me feeling so encouraged and motivated. Now I’m pursuing my goals with more confidence and a clear vision. Thank you Kate!!! 

— Keri, California

Working with Kate has quite literally changed my life. I know this line is thrown around often but I mean it wholeheartedly. I came to Kate with low self confidence and no self belief. I wanted to try something different as my children will all be at school soon but I could not get my head and heart to align. I was filled with fear. Kate changed all of this the very first time we spoke. She was gentle and kind, asking questions and listening without judgement to my ramblings. With every interaction we had, I felt a strong sense of advocacy for me and my abilities. I feel emotional and grateful for the support Kate provided me. It’s not like I don’t have supportive people in my life, I do. I have a wonderful husband, children, parents and life-long friends. But Kate’s fresh eyes and heart could see me differently. But by bit Kate increased my confidence and self esteem. Through our coaching my fear decreased. The exercises Kate provided revealed my true passions and have now set me on a path to begin my own business. Without Kate, this little dream I’d pushed down inside would have been unlikely to ever happen. Ever. It is because of Kate that I am changing my story. I now have a plan. I am excited and driven to work on my business to make myself proud, and my family too.

— Kirsty, Australia

I’m Here for you.

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